the world according to emma.

This is the place where all the things I think are lovely meet.

I'm awkward, open-hearted, and often in my own little world. To this day I can't write straight on unlined paper. The end.

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I hate to say this, but I feel like you should know that i judge you by how long your nails are, and what shape. 

example: Kylie Jenner. Are you catwoman or something? How do you do anything with nails like that?

fever broke, wooo! fuck you, spring cold, i am getting over this.

[it should be noted that whatever ‘this’ is, is awful, and i would wish it upon no one, not even my worst enemy.]

why do i never get sick when I have absolutely nothing to do? Come on immune system, get your shit together. 

this love is not what you want
this heart will never be yours
this love is be all end all
this love will be your downfall

—Ellie Goulding, “This Love (Will Be Your Downfall),” Lights (2010)

A liberal arts college could very easily create a linguistics course that studies lyrics by The 1975.

Pretty sure “Doritos-breaded chicken strips” is a food example of why America is obese.

  • Guy at the grocery store: 'Your eyes are beautiful, why do you cover them up with sun glasses?'
  • Me: 'So I don't get cataracts.'

Allergies, I hate you, why must you torment me so?

not to be overdramatic but this congestion is killing me.